Everyday repairs, solved virtually

HappyForce takes care of non-emergency maintenance requests with smart, simple video technology. Residents enjoy a contactless experience while solving common household issues – your onsite teams get to focus on big-ticket items, saving you time and money, portfolio-wide. Everybody wins!

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Help without the hassle

Think of HappyForce as your remote service team. Industry trained technicians jump into your work order system – they comb open jobs and identify ones that can be fixed virtually, with residents, delivering the best of your brand experience.

Non-emergency ticket
ArrowResident DIY

No task too small

Small problems shouldn’t be a big deal. HappyForce maintenance professionals coach your resident through the issue, play by play, until it’s solved.

Tickets we take off your hands

Garbage Disposal
Clogged Toilet
Air Conditioning Filter
Unusual Odor
Slow Draining Sinks
Bifold Doors Off-Track
Smoke Alarm Battery
Light Bulbs
How HappyForce works

Residents raise a request

If it’s not an emergency, HappyForce takes the ticket from your PMS and messages your resident directly. They can solve it using the DIY knowledge base, or schedule time for a call from a virtual maintenance team member.

DIY Knowledge Base
No App Downloads

Maintenance makes the call

At the scheduled time, the resident will receive a text message with a link to join the call. The resident will be instantly connected to an experienced HappyForce technician directly through their device’s browser, no app download required.

Video CoachStep-By-Step Video Call

One-on-one video coaching

During the call, our team will use tools to explain the repair concepts, using helpful visuals – like live annotations. With help from HappyForce pros, residents who never thought of themselves as crafty can fix household issues right when they crop up!

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Saved Call Details

On-site help required? Easy.

Even with the best teamwork, sometimes a win isn't possible. That's ok – a HappyForce technician will notify your team by passing along all the critical details collected during the call: a full recording of the chat, measurements, model and serial numbers. This way, your team has full context to offer timely and top-notch service.

Getting started with HappyForce

A positive experience for your residents, less fuss for your team, saving your business valuable time and money.

Simply fill in your details and you can schedule a time to take HappyForce for a test drive.

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Get started with HappyForce

HappyForce is a positive experience for your residents, less fuss for your team, and saves your business valuable time and money. To get started, simply schedule a product tour with our team, and let us take you for a test drive of HappyForce.

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